This is Jim Cramer, in the early days.

This is his performance relative to the S&P 500. It is not higher than the index.

There’s a big difference between belonging to a community that you simply like, and a community that will make you *rich*. Fintech is something some people are interested in, but crypto is something that can make people rich.

Tick-tock, it’s SPAC o’clock.

We are barely into 2021, and 144 SPACs have already IPOed this year, compared to 248 of last year. The average size is about $300 million, and quite a few are focusing on Fintech and financial services. …

We want to talk about Hashmasks. And in particular, the one selling for $650,000. That, in the context of the $3.5MM Beepl art sale, and $1.7MM Rick and Morty NFT sale. …

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Long Take

Despite its best efforts to the contrary, Robinhood did end up stealing from the rich and giving to the poor.

We gaze with wonder at over $1 billion in raises announced last week, and over $10 billion in Fintech company value creation. Let’s look collectively at raising $450 million at a $15 billion valuation, Affirm more than doubling after its IPO to $30 billion, digital lending enabler Blend raising…

Over the last 12 years, $1 trillion of value has appreciated into existence. It may be a little more or a little less tomorrow, give a few $100 billion. It may one day reach $10 trillion, or $100 trillion, or stay at $1 trillion forever. It may even go to…

You are here, in 2021, and everything is roaring.

Bitcoin has never been more valuable, hitting $34,000 and $630 billion in market capitalization. Cool, smart, memetic digital gold. Ethereum has never been more functional and economic, and flying 10x since its lows back to $1,000, over $100 billion in market…

Hi Fintech futurists —

You should be out partying! Or rather, you should be inside, partying. I guess reading the Blueprint is your version of inside-partying. And writing it is *our” version of inside-partying. Glad we got that established.

All that partying makes us think of what an absolutely schizophrenic…

The holidays are here, so we are going a bit lighter in the serving size to the end of the year. But the meal should still be delicious.

The guiding concept for today is power structures and hierarchies. The threads of hierarchy are woven with neural fibers into our mammalian…

Lex Sokolin

Entrepreneur building next-gen financial services @Consensys @Autonofintech @Advisorengine, JD/MBA @columbia_biz, editor and artist @inkbrick

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