Microsoft & Visa integrating personal financial data into Excel and the open ecosystems of Google Sheets and MetaMask

Go To Your Customer

You can download an Excel template, which permissions Microsoft Office to interact with your bank accounts and pull transaction and balance history. and other personal financial management tools (e.g., Personal Capital) have been doing this for over a decade. We wonder how much of the traffic to those destinations uses the native reporting, versus downloading the data and plugging it into a personal tracking spreadsheet.

Your Finance Browser

Google has been smart to open up integrations into Google Sheets, which is both a (1) browser- and (2) cloud-native competitor to Excel. In winning the browser wars, Google has an advantage in building its own cloud software, optimized to run quickly and efficiently. For example, we offer the personal experience of Gmail always being a little bit better on Chrome vs. Firefox or IE. It doesn’t crash or leak memory nearly as much when running in the browser of its parent company, and we have to believe that is no accident.



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Lex Sokolin

Lex Sokolin


Entrepreneur building next-gen financial services @Consensys @Autonofintech @Advisorengine, JD/MBA @columbia_biz, editor and artist @inkbrick